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I thrive on making hardware and software come to life via compelling and easy-to-read, user-level documentation.

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Processes & procedures

Standard operating procedures and playbooks

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Project management

Ideal for large and small organizations

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Technical writing

From assembly instructions to catalogs to how-to guides

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Marketing, writing, and editing

Blogs, Video Scripts, Evangelism
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UX and Localization

Product Description Pages, UX, and more

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About Jackie

I’m Jackie. Thanks for viewing my portfolio.

I have placed a sampling of the types of work I offer from standard operating procedure guides to blog posts to Help files to project plans, and more! With decades’ worth of content creation under my belt, let me do the work it takes for your company to inherit top tier documents.

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When I was a content developer at SAP Concur, I was tasked to help the Privacy and Security team roll out a run-book to the Incident Response Team offshore so that all the processes and procedures were streamlined.

(Excerpt from 150-page guide)

When I was a PM at Ivoxy Consulting, I handled networking and virtual machine roll-outs. This sample is a typical status deliverable presented to both customer and key stakeholders.

This portion of a hardware assembly guide was for builders assembling a server rack in bulk. I project-managed, wrote, compiled, and edited the 100+ page assembly guide and this was distributed internally to the builders.

This tech writing sample depicts the Standard for information classification conventions for an enterprise company to adhere to NIST compliance.

This configuration How To was for a hardware load balancing product and was inserted as box copy for developers to insert this load balancer into their infrastructure.

This Trust Platform document is a typical marketing piece generated for the SAP Concur sales team. I interviewed, wrote, and edited the piece.

This video is based off a video script I wrote for Linbit’s Linstor — a Kubernetes-based containerization solution.

I created this feedback template when I was a Managing Editor for Microsoft. Writers within our team used this to handle reviews. I was responsible for creating UX questions and liaising with Korean counterparts to ensure proper translation.